Counselling centre for perpetrators

Background and context
Albanian society grappled with a deep-rooted history of male dominance, echoing entrenched patriarchal norms where women were conditioned to embrace submissive roles. Despite theoretical strides in gender equality, the reality of everyday life in Albania revealed a stark dissonance, marked by persistent social, political, and economic disparities, particularly in addressing domestic violence. While Albania was legally obligated under international frameworks to prevent and address violence against women, challenges persisted in implementing comprehensive strategies. The absence of harmonized services, including shelters and hotlines, coupled with low application of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators, contributed to alarming rates of violence against women, often underestimated and underreported.

Recent legal revisions, notably Law no. 125/2020 aligning with international conventions, signified progress in combating domestic violence. These amendments introduced crucial measures such as removing perpetrators from their homes, mandating participation in psychosocial programs, and empowering law enforcement to swiftly intervene. However, effective implementation hinged on bolstering rehabilitation programs nationwide. Addressing domestic violence transcended individual interventions; it necessitated broader societal shifts towards gender equality and the eradication of systemic violence and discrimination. Initiatives like the Counselling Centre for Men and Boys in Shkodra exemplified localized efforts to combat domestic violence, providing crucial interventions for perpetrators and engaging in collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders. Yet, challenges persisted, requiring sustained efforts to enhance professional capacities, expand services to rural areas, and advocate for policy reforms aligned with international obligations such as the Istanbul Convention.

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